When a weapon is forged it is never perfect or ideal, mistakes are made along the way as the hammer strikes and shapes the blade. When the weapon is complete it can vanquish our foes and save damsels in distress. In this story our foe is the two party duopoly that prevents thoughts outside conventional wisdom to be part of the conversation over how we as a society are governed and solve our greatest challenges. The Libertarian Party is the weapon we are working together to forge to vanquish that foe, and believe me we are still forging this weapon.

Point being, every step in forging this weapon may not be perfect but for our foe to be vanquished we must continue with further strikes of the hammer until this blade is complete. Every year elections help forge that hammer by helping build party infrastructure & ballot access, candidate name ID, and spreading awareness of the party platform. Some elections will allow use to sharpen the blade more than other, but we must do so.

So tomorrow on November 8th please vote to cash the hammer and sharpen the blade, vote Libertarian and bring us one step closer to vanquishing our real foe, the two party duopoly.