Born in 1985 I grew up repeatedly watching The Labryinth as one of my favorite childhood films. I didn’t know at the time how much I’d love music and how important David Bowie would be to me musically.

In college I became the promotions director WBGUfm the BGSU radio station. I got to go to The College Music Journal conference (CMJ) in NYC and while I was there someone was handing out free tickets to see The Arcade Fire. They were the big buzz band at the time so I turned them down to see lesser known acts… I had turned down what would be my only opportunity to see David Bowie live. (The big news next day was Bowies surprise appearance playing Queen Bitch with the Arcade Fire).

Years later “As the world falls down” from Labryinth would be the first dance me and my wife had at our wedding (which we used as a Rick roll).

So I wake this morning years later excited about a new Bowie album being released last Friday to hear he’s gone. The man who made me dance as a child and love music as an adult is gone and while I’m not one to overdramaticize celebrity deaths when the world is filled with so much other pain, this hurts, this is really a loss of something special we all had the fortune of being able to have for time we did.

RIP David, enjoy your new life on Mars