Libertarian Principles

Before I express my opinions, let me first articulate libertarian principles for those who may read this and not be fully aware. Many people start with the non-aggression principle, or NAP. This is the idea that it is unjust to INITIATE FORCE on another individual and their property. (Not harm, we are talking a direct application of force on another, not some soft idea of disutility or harm)

Underlying the NAP is an even more fundamental idea, the idea of self-ownership. The idea that your life is yours, and fruits of your labor are your property. Your most essential property, without which the ownership of all else cannot be, is your life. Beyond the economic benefits of property rights and contract rights, the underlying protection in libertarian principle is that of your life.

Purpose of Principle

A lot of the debate and controversy among libertarians isn’t related to what our principles are, but what the purpose of those principles may be. Principles help us identify injustice in society and help us make choices to organize in a way that is less unjust. (If you lived by yourself on an island, you would not, necessarily, need principles as there would be no other party to settle conflicts with.)

In the perfectly just world we can imagine through these principles, is its purpose to be an end where anything less is unjust, or is it a model of perfection to help make more ideal choices in a constantly imperfect world? In short, are principles a guideline for more justice or a mandate for no injustice? (Maybe both, or something in between)

Is there a right answer? No, it’s a question of personal values and there is a spectrum of how these principles are applied. My hope is for people to understand that diverse applications not identical to ones own are not necessarily unprincipled.

Why I am Voting Gary Johnson

I am a libertarian. I am passionate about principle out of a desire for more justice in a world that has more injustice than I can bear. The greatest injustice is the destruction of that most important piece of property, your life. The areas of policy where the most lives are lost on a daily basis are foreign intervention and the drug war. These policies, implemented and sustained by both of the old parties in near equal measure, destroy lives at every turn.

Clinton’s and Trump’s stances on these issues only promote more destruction of life. Regardless of any perceived imperfection of Johnson and Weld’s articulation of principle and its application, their views on these two important issues present to me the least injustice over the next 4 years.

To me, a vote for Gary Johnson is the vote that best promotes the idea self-ownership. In an effort to protect lives that will otherwise be lost if either of his opponents win, I will vote for Gary Johnson.

I consider myself Libertarian Bold, and I’m voting for the Libertarian Party and Gary Johnson in 2016. If I am elected US Senator in 2016, trust me, I’ll be there to be the libertarian conscience of the legislature, and pushing for a Libertarian Bold agenda of peace, tolerance, markets and individualism holding whoever is president accountable to principle.